Form 656-L Offer in Compromise Doubt as to Liability CONTENTS What you need to know. 2 Important information. 3 Form 656-L. 5 IRS contact information If you have questions regarding qualifications for an offer in compromise please call our toll-free number at 1-800-829-1040. To request consideration under doubt as to collectibility do not use this form. You must complete a Form 656 Offer in Compromise found in Form 656-B Offer in Compromise Booklet. Treasury. gov/oicprequalifier/....
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This is a man that Kindle it to resolve tax professionals I want to show you how to fill out a form 656 which is the offer and compromise application if you want to submit an offer and compromise with the Internal Revenue Service this form is going to start off by asking you if you have used the pre-qualifier tool located on the IRS website right here you can check yes or no depending on whether or not you did that pre-qualifier tool is a fairly good calculator if you want to see if you qualify for an offer and compromise however I have seen it do some incorrect calculations on those incorrect calculations are usually just based on the taxpayer not knowing how to properly answer the questions to get a correct answer out of the pre qualifier tool you will see here that the offering compromise does require one hundred and eighty six dollar application fee and in an initial payment with two six fifty six and that you must complete a form 433 a or a 433 be oh I see form these are separate from the 433 a and the 433 B forms that I have done previously they also require some supporting documentation with this form if you have any questions on what supporting documentation it is explained towards the end of this application and on the 433 a oh I see however you can always call my office at seven two zero three one nine eight nine five four if you have any questions on how to fill the salary you need some help with it section one is going to be our individual information for individual taxpayers form 1040 filers so we're going to put in your first name and last name here I'm just using my information for this form so we have Amanda Kendall we have a social security number and I put in my physical home address now if you have a different mailing address a post-office box or anything else you get mail somewhere else because you work out of town or something then you'll want to put in your mailing address here as well if you have an employer identification as a sole proprietor then you want to go ahead and put that here as well and then down here we're going to mark the individual tax periods if your offer is for individual tax debt so I've checked the 1040 income tax years here and we're going to say that I owe for 2010 through 2015 so you'll see here I have listed out the years you do not want to put 2010 through 2015 or 2010 - 2015 you want to make sure to list each individual year that your offer is going to cover if you have trust fund recovery penalty you will put that here you will need to enter the business name on this line here where I have just put the X's 940 1 940 taxes would go here and if you have any other federal tax you could specify the type in the period you will see here it says if you need more space to use an attachment and title it attachments form 656 dated and make sure to sign and date the attachment as well moving on to the second page of this form so you'll remember on the first page one of the first things I said was that you...